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Headquarters in Majadahonda

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The Fundación Recal Addiction Treatment Clinic is located in the municipality of Majadahonda, Madrid. This center was built on land ceded by the City Council. Its unique design ensures that patients enjoy a calm and safe environment that respects their rights to be treated with dignity and complete confidentiality.


In the Fundación Recal Clinic there is a residential module for the  first phase treatment,  with capacity to accommodate 24 inpatients and 12 outpatients who are in Phase II of the program. There are also the offices of the administrative and management team of Fundación Recal.

They have an equipped gym and extensive areas to practice sports (basketball, soccer).



Likewise, we have two apartments in Pozuelo de Alarcón, with the capacity to accommodate up to eight patients while they continue their Phase II treatment.

Recal has a headquarters located in the center of Madrid (C/Alfonso XIII, 200 – 1º); That's where we offer outpatient programs.

Our centers are registered in the register of the Health Department of the Community of Madrid with the number SS00622.

Smoking is not allowed inside our treatment centers. There are areas set up for this purpose outside the buildings; We offer help to quit smoking.

More information and contact Ambulatory Center: 655 50 71 70

Do you have sex addiction problems? Do you doubt if you have an eating disorder and need guidance or help? In our Fundación Recal Madrid team we have professionals trained in the individualized treatment of these problems.

Give yourself a chance, call us and we will inform you:
(+34) 913 928 251

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