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    Our programs Home | Treatments | Our programs The aim of all of our programmes is to help people affected by addiction to initiate a personal recovery that can be sustained well beyond Recal by attending to individual needs and providing environments in which change is possible. In collaborative partnership with patients, we help them to understand and practice what they will need to do to achieve their goal of a better quality of life, free from addiction and its effects. FIRST STAGE – RESIDENTIAL Offers: ·A safe place away from where addiction began and got stronger. ·Safety: there is a reduced risk to self and to others, and a time to experiment in making changes with support always at close hand. ·Patients´ life style re-structures with the aid of a well-managed programme. ·The opportunity to assess and treat the whole person in one place by an integrated muti-disciplinary team. ·Participation in a recovery community thereby preparing the person for engagement with the principal post-treatment resource of the mutual-aid fellowships. ·Recovery is the goal. What Treatment involves The decision to admit will follow the receipt and assessment of essential information. We understand that however motivated they are, in deciding to enter treatment the patient is taking a big step that may give rise to anxiety. We take a great deal of care in welcoming and integrating our patients into the treatment community. Our first concern is to ensure the patient’s safety and to stabilize their health. Our expert medical and nursing staff are on hand for this purpose. If the patient requires detoxification but does not need to be admitted to hospital to undergo this process, the team at Recal will medically manage the withdrawal from substances as safely, as comfortably and as quickly as possible. The patient will be assigned a focal counsellor, who will support the patient throughout their stay and who will keep family members duly informed. However, Recal adopts an approach that ensures the collective responsibility of the team for the care of all patients. Based on what we learn about the patient we collaborate with them on developing a treatment plan. We will already be thinking about the best post-treatment options. The plan is continuously under review and develops during the course of the patient’s stay. The plan will identify the patient’s strengths and resources for recovery while helping them to recognize understand and find ways of removing obstacles to their goal. Within the weekly schedule and in support of the aims and objective of the treatment plan the patient will have the opportunity to benefit from a variety of therapies including: Group Therapy: An interpersonal model is applied to enable patients to understand the issues they bring to relationships which could play a part in relapse and to try new ways of relating to others. One-to-one sessions: Building a therapeutic relationship through which to monitor and understand any issues arising with the progress of the treatment plan. Assignments to facilitate engagement with 12-Step fellowships: Insight into and practice of the 12-Step programme while actively working on the first 5 steps. Patients have the opportunity to attend fellowship meetings. Health education on addiction, recovery and related subjects: Improving understanding of personal, social and environmental issues affecting the progress of recovery. Community health review: Sharing responsibility to look after the recovery culture Family conferences: Thinking beyond the individual to support recovery for all Complementary therapies: Art Therapy, EMDR, Mindfulness, Acupuncture, Yoga, Physical exercise. SECOND STAGE RESIDENTIAL AND NON-RESIDENTIAL The transition to life after the safe containment of first-stage treatment has to be prepared for and managed to ensure the progress made is not lost or dissipated. The second-stage programme provides a level of support that enables the patient to take on more responsibility for a self-managed recovery and, most importantly, in a way that is consistent with the previous stage before they make the move back into normal life. Some people are able to cope with participating in the second-stage programme while living in their own accommodation while others benefit from the round-the-clock support (from staff and peers) to be had from the residential option provided by our two apartments in Pozuelo de Alarcon. RECAL DAY CENTRE ​ Recal Day Centre offers help for those who by their own circumstances lack the time to undergo the Stage One treatment, or for those who our medical team suggest to do so. ​ ​ We work under the 12 Steps Programme and the Minnesota Model as well, just as we do in our Main Center in Majadahonda. We believe four weekly groups, from Monday to Thursday, and a weekly one-to-one session is enough for people not in Residential option. Likewise, we help family members recover from the effects of this illness through a weekly therapeutic meeting. ​ Recal Day Centre is located in the heart of Madrid, at Avenida de Alfonso XIII, 100 – 1st floor. It has great public transportation access, and it is a very safe place for those people who wish to stop this illness. For more information on Recal Day Centre, please call: 655 50 71 70

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    Confidentiality Home | Confidentiality This Privacy Policy is intended to inform Users about the collection and processing of personal data obtained through the website. (hereinafter, "the Website"). In compliance with Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights and Regulation (EU) 2016/679, you are informed that the personal data provided by you will be incorporated into the database owned by the RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic. The person responsible for processing your data is the RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic with registered office at C/ Físicos nº 4, Majadahonda, Community of Madrid, 28222 Spain. The legal basis for the processing of information is the consent granted by the interested party. The personal data that you provide when you contact us through the web forms will be kept for the time necessary to attend to your request and as long as its cancellation is not requested. By providing us with your e-mail and/or telephone number, you expressly consent that we can contact you through these means. In no case will the RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic use the personal data of the interested parties for purposes other than those mentioned above, and undertakes to keep due professional secrecy and to establish the necessary technical and organizational measures to safeguard the information in accordance with the requirements of current regulations on data protection. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, portability and limitation of use by writing, accompanied by a copy of an official document that identifies you, addressed to the RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic with registered office at / Physical n. º 4, Majadahonda, Community of Madrid, 28222 Spain or to the email address: . BASIC INFORMATION Responsible: RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic. Data Protection Delegate: National Health Insurance, Services and Consulting, SLU Purpose: The RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic will process the information provided by the User in order to meet their requests related to the management of the requested service and the sending of electronic communications of an informative nature. Legitimation: – Consent of the interested party. – Execution of Contract. Recipients: The RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic will not transfer personal data to third parties or make any international transfer of the same. In no case will the personal data of the interested parties be used for different purposes. Rights: Right to access, Rectify and Delete the Data, as well as other rights, as explained in the Additional Information. Additional information: You can consult the additional and detailed information on Data Protection below. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION DATA PROTECTION WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROCESSING OF YOUR DATA? -Identity: RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic. -CIF: G82895798 -Postal Address: C/ Físicos nº 4, Majadahonda, 28222, Madrid (Spain). -Email: -Phone: (+34) 913.928.251 – 689.545.284 WHO IS THE DATA PROTECTION DELEGATE? -Identity: Health Insurance, Services and Consulting, SLU -CIF: B82663188 -Postal Address: C/ Villanueva 11, nº 26, 28004 Madrid (Spain). -Phone: (+34) 914.311.244 FOR WHAT PURPOSE DO WE TREAT YOUR PERSONAL DATA? You can visit and use the services of the Website without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information about yourself. We can treat your IP, which operating system or browser you use, and even the duration of your visit anonymously. The only personal data to which the RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic will have access will be those that the User voluntarily provides when contacting the RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic via email or in any other way provided on the Web. In turn, the RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic will process the information provided by the User in order to meet their requests related to the management of the requested service and the sending of electronic communications of an informative nature in accordance with their interests. Purposes: 1. Data provided through the contact form on the website that the User, interested in obtaining information about our treatments or making any type of query or request, provides to the RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic. 2. Email address provided by Users to subscribe to our Newsletter and to receive our communications. 3. Data provided by sending emails to the addresses identified on the Web (spontaneous applications, etc.). 4. Data provided by filling in the complaint channel form. ADDITIONAL DATA PROTECTION INFORMATION In no case will the RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic use the personal data of the interested parties for purposes other than those mentioned above, and undertakes to keep due professional secrecy and to establish the necessary technical and organizational measures to safeguard the information in accordance with the requirements of current regulations on data protection. FOR HOW LONG WILL WE KEEP YOUR DATA? In general, the personal data provided will be kept for the time necessary to meet the User's request or as long as its deletion is not requested by the User. As for the curriculum vitae data (spontaneous applications) sent to the email address of the person in charge, these will be deleted after two years from the date of receipt. The information that you have sent will be eliminated because it is considered that it is no longer valid for a personnel selection process, due to the changes that may have occurred at that time. WHAT IS THE LEGITIMATION FOR THE TREATMENT OF YOUR DATA? – The legal basis for data processing is the consent of the User in accordance with article 6.1 a) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679: 1. Data provided through the contact form on the website: User consent. 2. Email address provided by Users: User consent. 3. Data provided by sending emails: User consent. 4. Data provided by filling in the complaint channel form: User consent. – For existing customers, we will treat the data by virtue of the execution of the contract signed by the User in accordance with article 6.1 b) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. TO WHICH RECIPIENTS WILL YOUR DATA BE COMMUNICATED? Addiction Treatment Clinic RECAL will not transfer personal data to third parties except legal obligation nor will it make any international transfer of the same. Next, you are informed of the possible transfers of your data: • To those in charge of the treatment necessary for the execution of the corresponding contract for the provision of services. • To companies in charge of our web support and maintenance. • To companies of our support and maintenance of the computer system. • To professionals and companies of legal advice, consultancy and/or auditing. • To providers of collection and accounting services. • To financial entities for the management of collections and payments. • To collection and accounting service providers. • To public and private institutions necessary to comply with legal obligations under current regulations. • In the event of any international transfer of data when using applications, it would be carried out in strict compliance and with all the necessary guarantees for compliance with European data protection policies regarding privacy. • To the rest of the companies and collaborators for administrative and/or commercial procedures, for the management of the purposes described above, for the provision of services and the correct management of the entity and its different activities. For any transfer other than what is specified above, you will be informed, and you may exercise your right to object at any time. WHAT ARE YOUR RIGHTS WHEN YOU PROVIDE US WITH YOUR DATA? • Right of access: You will have the right to obtain confirmation of whether or not personal data concerning you is being processed. • Right of rectification: You will have the right to obtain the rectification of inaccurate or incomplete personal data that concerns you. • Right of deletion: You will have the right to obtain the deletion of the personal data that concerns you when the personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed. • Right of limitation: You may request the limitation of the processing of your personal data, in which case we will only keep them for the exercise or defense of claims. • Right to withdraw consent: You will have the right to withdraw consent at any time, without affecting the legality of the treatment based on the consent before its withdrawal. • Right of opposition: You will have the right to oppose the processing of your data. The RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic will stop processing the data except for compelling legitimate reasons or the exercise or defense of possible claims. • Right to the portability of your data: You can request that your automated personal data be assigned or transferred to any other company that you indicate to us in a structured, intelligible and automated format. If you modify any data, we would appreciate it if you notify us as soon as possible in order to keep it updated in accordance with article 5.1 d) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. BEFORE WHO CAN I EXERCISE MY RIGHTS? Interested parties may exercise their rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, opposition and data portability by writing to the RECAL Addiction Treatment Clinic indicating the right to exercise and attaching a copy of the DNI through the following postal address: C/ Físicos nº 4, Majadahonda, 28222, Madrid (Spain), indicating DATA PROTECTION on the envelope or by email: Where appropriate, you can also contact the Data Protection Officers by writing to the email address or to the postal address indicated in the additional information of this Privacy Policy. The interested parties have the right to claim before the Control Authority and request the protection of rights that have not been duly addressed to the Spanish Data Protection Agency through the electronic headquarters of its web portal ( ), or or by writing to your postal address (C/Jorge Juan, 6, 28001-Madrid).

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    partners Home | Foundation | partners


    Educational Collaboration Home | Foundation | Educational Collaboration FUNDACIÓN RECAL HAS EDUCATIONAL COLLABORATION AGREEMENTS WITH MANY UNIVERSITIES Fundación Recal has agreements with the following universities and with the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid. Call for information about internships. Our special thanks to:

  • JÓVENES EN RIESGO | Clínica Recal

    Youth at risk Home | Treatments | Youth at risk Families, schools and colleges are often concerned that young people develop an addiction. The young people themselves may be worried about their situation and may want to talk about it with someone. The Recal program for Youth at Risk of Addiction offers the possibility of analyzing all these concerns. Workshop for the prevention of addiction in young people and adolescents Aimed at young people who are at risk of developing the disease of addiction. The objective is to offer information on the risks of substance use and promote personal development tools for the prevention of the disease of addiction. Taught by psychologists. The workshop is made up of an initial information session and 4 two-hour sessions, for a month. Personal development program for adolescents with risk behavior and drug abuse Intervention in young Adolescents with Drug Abuse and Risk Behaviors . ​ The goal is to achieve abstinence from drugs, addictive and destructive behaviors, or risk behaviors. Personal development program where the adolescent will enter a process of change. You will learn to use tools and resources for self-knowledge and growth. ​ Each personal process is different and the times of each process as well. What is the ADO-RECAL Youth Program? ​ ADO-RECAL is a personal development program focused on risky behaviors, substance abuse and other addictive behaviors such as gambling and their impact on youth and families. ​ Program Benefits ​ Stop patterns of harmful behavior and reduce related risks. Focus on group dynamics and individual monitoring. Address individual and family beliefs and values, and improve communication within the family. Strengthen the values and resources of the person, such as self-esteem and interpersonal and intrapersonal emotional competencies. Identify additional needs of family members. How do we do it? ​ The basis of this personal development program is based on the 12-step program and the accompaniment from coaching. ​ The 12-step program invites you to identify the difficulty, the risk and the abuse, becoming aware of the responsibility that the adolescent acquires from the identification and strength of the group. Coaching invites from emotional management and dynamics to improve social skills, communication in the family, social system and listening. Increase tolerance to frustration. More information Help for young people: 655 50 71 70

  • Cena benéfica 2022 | Clínica Recal

    Welcome to our clinic! ​​Recal Addiction Treatment Clinic in based in Majadahonda, Madrid. It is located in a quiet and safe place, thus being the ideal space for the patient to give up harmful habits and take the first steps towards a total recovery. Family Recal helps each patient individually, and the family as a whole, in their right to find ways to recover from addiction and its effects and to restore health and wellbeing. Family members focus their concerns on the person suffering from addiction. Unfortunately, many professionals follow this same course and tend to forget that families also need help. Recal takes a different approach. We are aware that families are also affected by addiction and that often, in despite their best intentions, the way they relate to the overtly addicted person may not always server everyone´s best interests. Read more ​Día y hora Lunes 12 de septiembre a las 20:30 horas. Ubicación Donativo Donativo por persona: 150 euros Pago previo por transferencia o Bizum. ​ Transferencia LA CAIXA IBAN: ES57 2100 2383 2402 0024 4656 Bic/Swift: CAIXESBBXXX ES57 2100 2383 2402 0024 4656 ​ Bizum En la sección hacer donativo. Código: 05377. ¿Vas a asistir? Escribe a y indicando tu nombre, el número de acompañantes y el justificante de pago. La mesa completa es de 10 comensales.

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    Board of trustees Home | Foundation | Board of trustees Maximilian of Habsburg President The board of trustees is chaired by Maximilian Von Habsburg, who founded Fundación Recal in 2001. Eton College - London. Entrepreneur in the field of medicine. Jaime Ardid Martínez-Bordiú Vice-president. Educated in the English world, Jaime develops his professional career managing important international groups. His personal growing concerns lead him to continuous meditation and emotional intelligence training, and thus to spiritual growth. Patricia López Ewert Secretaria no patrona. Licenciada en Derecho por la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Su carrera profesional ha estado vinculada a puestos de gestión con el denominador común de compromiso social. Cayetano Martínez de Irujo y Fitz-James Stuart Board Member President of various sports organizations and associations. Recognized Olympic athlete and businessman. Dedicated to Recal’s mission. H.E. Ambassador Jean Marie Musy Board Member After developing a career as ambassador in different countries he is currently the Ambassador of the Order of Malta in Madrid. Carl Von Schonburg Board Member A well-respected German entrepreneur currently residing in London as a Real Estate Investment Adviser. Gonzalo Aguirre Gonzalez Board Member Gonzalo is currently completing an MBA at IESE. Previously he has developed his professional career in investment banking working at Altamar Advisory Partners for more than four years, LarrainVial in Santiago de Compostela, Chile, as well as at JP Morgan in London. Pablo Hohenlohe Board Member Degree in Industrial and Graphic Design by Parsons School of New York. Expertise in graphic communication and building and developing brand names. Sandra Segimón de Pedraza Vocal. La trayectoria de Sandra Segimón está muy ligada al emprendimiento empresarial dentro del sector de la restauración. Licenciada en Business & Administration por el American College University de Londres y Master en alta dirección por el IESE, creó en 1994 “Baguisse”, primera empresa de comida a domicilio y precursora de empresas como Just Eat o Take Eat Easy. En 1999 junto a Natacha Apolinario y José Manuel Segimón fundó Sushita, siendo la primera empresa en vender bandejas de Sushi en España. En 2015 se embarcó en un nuevo reto con la creación de la línea de restaurantes del Grupo, que cuenta en la actualidad con 7 restaurantes en Madrid The Board of Trustees is comprised of people who are prominent in the field of addiction treatment, general healthcare and business. Their responsibility is to oversee the fulfilment of the charity´s purpose on behalf of the beneficiaries, to ensure the integrity and good reputation of the organization and to protect its interests. The trustees who are in this capacity all volunteer to make a dedicated personal commitment to serve the charity and its beneficiaries.

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    Legal warning Home | Legal warning In compliance with Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce of Spain, we inform you that this website is the property of Fundación RECAL, hereinafter Fundación RECAL, with address at ADDRESS, with CIF nº G82895798 and registered in the Registry of Foundations with the number 28-1187 For any question or proposal, contact us at the e-mail at , or by phone:(+34) 917 141 993 ​ This website is governed by the regulations exclusively applicable in Spain, being subject to it, both nationals and foreigners who use this website. ​ Access to our website by the USER is free of charge and is subject to prior reading and full, express and unreserved acceptance of these GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE in force at the time of access, which we ask you to read carefully. The USER at the time he uses our portal, its contents or services, accepts and expressly submits to its general conditions of use. If the user does not agree with these conditions of use, they must refrain from using this portal and operate through it. ​ At any time we can modify the presentation and configuration of our Website, expand or reduce services, and even remove it from the Network, as well as the services and content provided, all unilaterally and without prior notice. ​ A) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY All content, text, images, and source codes are the property of Fundación RECAL or of third parties from whom their exploitation rights have been acquired, and are protected by Intellectual and Industrial Property rights. The user only has the right to private, non-profit use, and requires the express authorization of Fundación RECAL and/or the owner of the rights to modify, reproduce, exploit, distribute or any right belonging to its owner. ​ The establishment of links to our portal does not confer any right over it, and it is exclusively authorized to allow access to our website, the total or partial reproduction of the images and contents of our portal being prohibited on other pages. Likewise, the simple fact of establishing a link to our website does not give the right to be granted the category of collaborator or partner of Fundación RECAL. Imitation, whether total or partial, of our portal is absolutely prohibited. ​ ​ B) ACCESS CONDITIONS Access to our website is free and does not require prior subscription or registration. However, Fundación RECAL reserves the right to offer services that require prior user registration. In any case, these services will be duly identified on the Web, with easy instructions for registration. ​ The user must access our website in accordance with good faith, the rules of public order, and these General Conditions of use. Access to our website is carried out under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user, who will be liable in all cases for any damages that may be caused to third parties or to ourselves. The user is expressly prohibited from using and obtaining the services and content offered on this website, by procedures other than those stipulated in these conditions of use, and where appropriate in the particular conditions that regulate the acquisition of certain services. ​ Taking into account the impossibility of control regarding the information, content and services contained in other websites that can be accessed through the links that our website makes available to you, we inform you that Fundación RECAL is exempt from any responsibility for damages of any kind that may arise from the use of those web pages outside our company by the user. RECAL Foundation reserves the right to exercise the appropriate legal actions against those USERS who violate these general conditions of use, accepting the USER that the non-initiation of these actions does not constitute a formal waiver of them, remaining in force until the terms of prescription of offenses. ​ ​ C) PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION Confidentiality, professional secrecy and security are fundamental values of Fundación RECAL, which assumes the commitment to guarantee the privacy of the user or visitor at all times, and in all interactions with them. Fundación RECAL also assumes the commitment not to collect unnecessary information about the User. Likewise, we undertake to treat with extreme diligence the personal information that the User may provide through our website. ​ In accordance with the provisions of current regulations on personal data protection, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 (GDPR) and the Organic Law on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights (ES) 3/ 2018 (LOPDGDD), we inform you that the use of certain services on our website requires that you provide us with certain personal data through registration forms or by sending email messages, and that these will be processed and incorporated into the database owned by the RECAL Foundation. The aforementioned sending of personal data constitutes express consent to their processing, although revocable and without retroactive effects. ​ The data controller is FUNDACIÓN RECAL, with address in Madrid, Calle Físicos, 4, 28222, Majadahonda, with telephone numbers 917 141 993 and 913 928 251 and email . ​ ​ USE OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA The data that we request is adequate, pertinent and strictly necessary for the purpose for which it is collected, and you are only obliged to provide it to us when the data processing is necessary to fulfill the legitimate purposes of the entity. Likewise, you certify that all the information you provide us is true, truthful and relevant for the purpose for which we request it. ​ Our website collects your personal data by receiving various forms and through email where you can request any type of information, clarification or doubt. Sending them implies your authorization to include them in our database, if Fundación RECAL deems it convenient, and they will be regulated by this privacy policy. ​ Likewise, we inform you that the photographs published on the website have been captured duly informing the interested parties for the sole purpose of publicizing the activities and recreational events organized by the RECAL Foundation. ​ Fundación RECAL reserves the right to decide whether or not to include your data in our database. ​ ​ RECEPTION OF CURRICULUM VITAE In the case of sending us your curriculum vitae, by virtue of current regulations on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your personal data will be incorporated into our database, in order to have your curriculum to carry out processes of personnel selection if your professional profile fits our needs. As long as you do not expressly cancel your personal data from our files, we understand that you are still interested in being part of them for future selection processes. In order to keep our personal data files updated, please notify us of any changes or modifications that may occur in them. ​ ​ RIGHTS OF ACCESS, RECTIFICATION, CANCELLATION AND OPPOSITION OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA At any time you can oppose our commercial shipments, as well as exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, withdrawal of consent, opposition and portability provided by law by means of a signed letter addressed to Fundación RECAL at the address c/ Físicos nº4, 28222 Majadahonda or by email to providing a copy of your ID. ​ ​ DATA COMMUNICATIONS Fundación RECAL informs you that your data is treated confidentially and is used exclusively internally and for the purposes indicated. Therefore, we do not transfer or communicate your data to any third party, except in the cases provided by law, or that the USER expressly authorizes us. ​ ​ SECURITY OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA In order to safeguard the security of your personal data, we inform you that Fundación RECAL has adopted all the necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of the personal data provided from its alteration, loss, and unauthorized treatment or access, as required by Royal Decree 1720/2007 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679. ​ ​ UPDATING YOUR DATA It is important that in order for us to keep your personal data updated, you inform us whenever there has been any change in them, otherwise, we are not responsible for their veracity. We consider that if you do not expressly cancel your personal data in our database, you continue to be interested in continuing to be incorporated into them until Fundación RECAL deems it appropriate and as long as it is appropriate for the purpose for which they were obtained. ​ We will keep your personal data in our database for the required purposes and as long as its deletion, modification, portability, rectification, limitation or withdrawal of consent is not requested. RECAL Foundation is not responsible for the privacy policy regarding personal data that may be provided to third parties through the links available on our website. ​ Fundación RECAL may modify these privacy policies to adapt them to the modifications that occur on our website, as well as legislative or jurisprudential modifications on personal data that appear, for which it requires its reading, each time you provide us with your data through of this website. ​ For any question regarding the Conditions of Use of our website, you can contact us at the data indicated above, or with our advisors. BONET Consulting . ​ ​ D) RESPONSIBILITIES By making this website available to the user, we want to offer a whole series of quality content and services, using the utmost diligence in providing them as well as in the technological means used. However, we will not be responsible for the presence of viruses and other elements that in any way may damage the user's computer system. ​ The USER is prohibited from any type of action on our portal that causes an excessive operating overload to our computer systems, as well as the introduction of viruses, or the installation of robots, or software that alters the normal functioning of our website, or ultimately may cause damage to our computer systems. ​ The user assumes all responsibility derived from the use of our website, being solely responsible for any direct or indirect effect that may arise on the website, including, but not limited to, any economic, technical and/or legal result. adverse, as well as the disappointment of the expectations generated by our portal, forcing the user to keep Fundación RECAL harmless for any claims derived, directly or indirectly, from such events. ​ The RECAL Foundation is exempt from liability for any claim regarding the intellectual property rights of the articles and images published on its portal, as well as not guaranteeing the accuracy, veracity and validity of the contents of this web page, whether they are their own, third parties, or linked to other web sites, being totally exonerated of any responsibility derived from the use of the same. ​ RECAL Foundation is exempt from any liability arising from any claim, including the payment of attorneys' fees, for claims and claims arising from third parties due to non-compliance by the USER with our conditions of use, access and privacy policy, or any other claim for non-compliance with current legislation. ​ The USER acknowledges that he has understood all the information regarding the conditions of use of our portal, and acknowledges that they are sufficient for the exclusion of errors in them, and therefore, he accepts them fully and expressly. ​ The USER is fully aware that the mere browsing of this website, as well as the use of its services, implies acceptance of these conditions of use. ​ Everything related to our website is governed exclusively by Spanish law. In the event of any type of discrepancy or difference between the parties in relation to the interpretation and content of this website, all parties submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the Courts and Tribunals of the province of the city where the headquarters is located, indicated above. ​ For any question regarding the Conditions of Use of our website, you can contact us at the data indicated above, or with our advisors. BONET Consulting .

  • PREVENCIÓN DEL COVID-19 | Clínica Recal

    Prevention of COVID-19 Home | Prevention of COVID-19 COVID19 PREVENTION PROCEDURE AT THE RECAL FOUNDATION ​ The recent global pandemic by COVID19 forces the Recal Foundation to carry out a series of preventive measures and a battery of microbiological tests in order to avoid contagion in the center's patients and workers. ​ Among the preventive measures put in place for both its workers and its patients are the following: hand washing with plenty of water and soap, regular use of hydroalcohol with a concentration of at least 70%, and use of a surgical-type mask or ffp2. Likewise, the minimum distance of 1 meter and a half or 2 meters between people will be respected and the number of people simultaneously in common rooms is limited. However, and in order to avoid possible risks, in case of presenting symptoms compatible with COVID19, or living closely with someone in this circumstance, a protocol has been established by which the worker must communicate it and leave their job and will comply the recommendations that are provided, among which will be the performance of a microbiological test, a test that will be extended to the rest of the colleagues who have had close contact in the case of testing positive. ​ Likewise, tests will be carried out on patients as close as possible to the date of admission, not exceeding two days between said test and admission. ​ For more information about the measures and the protocol carried out, contact us with total confidentiality at: ​ 913 92 82 51 – 689 54 52 84


    Precursors of the Minnesota Model Home | Treatments | Precursors of the Minnesota Model Hazelden was one of the three organizations that contributed to developing the Minnesota Model in the 1940’s. In 1949 it became one of the most internationally prestigious treatment and addiction research centres and continues to be seen this way. Recently Hazelden and the Betty Ford Foundation merged, uniting their knowledge and expertise. As a treatment centre, Hazelden helps people and their families who are affected by addictions to alcohol, drugs and compulsive behaviours, as well as other mental illnesses in the case of dual disorder patients. In addition, Hazelden is well known for excellence in providing continuing professional development and training for therapists who wish to specialize in addiction treatment, integrating the latest developments from the medical, psychological and psychiatric facets in the field of addiction. In addition to the above, Hazelden also produces publications of resources on addiction including research and a range of studies by numerous well-respected authors and experts in the field of addictions. The principles that inspire the Minnesota Model ·A comprehensive, personalized treatment of the addict. ·The dignified and respectful treatment of the patient. ·Regular attendance by the patient to Twelve Step groups as a key element to continue a life free from the use of addictive substances or behaviours. ·The vocation of service to the patient, family and society as a whole. ·Adopting an open stance and integrating all scientific advances and studies generated in the field of addictions. ​ Basically, this is the combined application of cognitive-behavioural and motivational therapies. In particular, Prochaska and Di Clemente’s Phases of Change and Miller and Rollnick’s Motivational Interviews are widely applied in the model. ​ Efficacy of the Minnesota Model The reason for implementing this treatment model in our country is fundamentally based on a strict criteria for efficacy. With some variations, the Minnesota Model is a model which has been used with great success in the public and private health care systems of a range of countries such as the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal and Holland. The efficacy of this model is supported by a range of studies carried out in the field of addiction. In particular, the model is endorsed by the MATCH Project (PDF), one of the largest studies ever conducted in the field over an eight-year period, which was supported by the North American National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and various other institutions, including Hazelden, in the United States. Over the eight-year period a large number of patients were assigned to one of three types of treatments used for addictions. These were cognitive behavioural therapies, motivational therapy and the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. All these treatments showed a similar efficacy during the first year, but in the long term the treatment centres that used the Twelve Step programme achieved a higher percentage of clean days in patients in recovery. Previous studies have supported essential aspects of the MATCH Project, adding that the combination of a wide range of therapies can give more effective treatment results. The Hazelden Model is characterized by its inclusive nature with regard to different therapies, and has become one of the most effective addiction treatment models. Several posterior studies confirm, build on and validate these results: A follow up study of patients from the MATCH Project revealed that it is possible to predict the number of days a patient may take to relapse, taking two variables into account: temptation and self-efficacy. Another model is the Social Identity Model of Recovery (SIMOR), where recovery is addressed as a process of social identity transition. The MAAEZ (Make AA Easier) programme measures the impact of recovery groups and their participants from the start of treatment until 12 months have gone by. The best results were seen in those individuals who consistently attended groups and found a sponsor. There are also various studies comparing recovery with a spiritual component vs. not having one. About the Minnesota Model The focus of the Minnesota Model is characterized as being an integral and interdisciplinary approach to addiction and aims at complete abstinence from all substances which can affect the state of mind of the patient who wishes to recover. It is based on a combination of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Twelve Step programme, applied alongside the latest medical, psychological, psychiatric and pharmacological advances which develop in the field of addiction. The so-called ‘Minnesota Experience’ was born from new and important concepts, creating a philosophy of intervention that was radical and controversial for that time. The treatment model is intensive and stands at the forefront of current knowledge for the treatment of all types of addictive diseases. It means the patient does not have to disconnect completely from their environment, and facilitates their early reintegration back into their normal activities in a relatively short timeframe. These characteristics in particular are extremely beneficial, both for the individual, their family and society. One of the key ideas around which the model revolves is the concept of addiction as a disease – the so called ‘disease model’ – and not as a moral or personal deficiency in the addict. However, this concept of alcoholism as a disease is not new. At the end of the 18th century, it was viewed as such by Benjamin Rush, the father of American psychiatry. In this model the concept of disease can be defended both from a logical and therapeutic perspective, since the anatomy of the addict can be compared with that of other diseases in the classic sense of the word. In addition, dependence on chemical substances is seen as an illness and makes clinical sense: it supports humanitarian treatment for addicts, improves access to treatment and promotes complete abstinence from all chemical substances. Although initially the model tried to treat the addiction and then address any additional mental illnesses the current treatment model simultaneously addresses these problems. On the other hand, the model recognizes that the consequences associated with addiction affect all areas of the addict’s life, these being of a physical, mental, social and spiritual nature. With regard to the latter, the model focuses on spiritual growth, individual’s dignity and advocates the concept of a chronic illness, with no known cure, requiring continuous care in recovery. The model aims to achieve objectives which include a comprehensive recovery of the addict and reintegration back into society through a dignified treatment that favors recovery. At the core of the treatment is the change in lifestyle. Recovery is facilitated with support from the addict’s natural environment, which is the family, friends and self-help groups, which the addict should use permanently. The model aims to achieve two long-term goals, on the one hand, complete abstinence from drugs, and on the other to achieve a better quality of life. To achieve these long-term goals, short-term goals are used which are to help the addict and their family recognize the disease and the associated consequences.


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