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Prevention of COVID-19

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The recent global pandemic by COVID19 forces the Recal Foundation to carry out a series of preventive measures and a battery of microbiological tests in order to avoid contagion in the center's patients and workers. 

Among the preventive measures put in place for both its workers and its patients are the following: hand washing with plenty of water and soap, regular use of hydroalcohol with a concentration of at least 70%, and use of a surgical-type mask or ffp2. Likewise, the minimum distance of 1 meter and a half or 2 meters between people will be respected and the number of people simultaneously in common rooms is limited.

However, and in order to avoid possible risks, in case of presenting symptoms compatible with COVID19, or living closely with someone in this circumstance, a protocol has been established by which the worker must communicate it and leave their job and will comply the recommendations that are provided, among which will be the performance of a microbiological test, a test that will be extended to the rest of the colleagues who have had close contact in the case of testing positive. 

Likewise, tests will be carried out on patients as close as possible to the date of admission, not exceeding two days between said test and admission. 

For more information about the measures and the protocol carried out, contact us with total confidentiality at:

913 92 82 51 – 689 54 52 84

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