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The hell of addiction

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Have you lost control of your life?

Clinic Recal´s team members are aware of the difficult times you are going through. You are probably confused about all thoughts and emotions you are feeling.


You have lost control of your life. You cannot stop using your drug of choice, or stop your self-destructive behavior. If you continue doing so, your life shall become unsustainable.


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This situation has dragged you into a black hole and you see no exit doors. Meanwhile,

you slowly forget of who you used to be as your loved ones feel consumed worrying about something terrible happening to you.​


Your life comes down to the obsession of using       


If you are using drugs, do you spend the day thinking about how to get more money to buy your next dose? Are you so obsessed with going shopping that neither your family nor your friends trust you anymore and won´t lend you money anymore?


You might have even taken money from a family member without his/her consent, or might have spent their so hard-earned life savings. You may have lied more than once to your wife or to your husband, to your parents or to your children in order to get more money.


Your loved ones feel powerless to help you and do not even ask you anymore about where you have been or if you have taken any drugs, because they know you are going to lie to them again.

Guilt and shame haunt you


And still, every time you take drugs or you relapse into a compulsive behavior (bulimia nervosa, sex addiction, gaming, etc.), you disappoint your loved ones once more.

That guilt and shame you experience for letting yourself down and for disappointing again your loved ones precede a momentary feeling of regret in which you swear to yourself you will change and it won´t ever happen again.

But soon, those terrible feelings that come before using haunt you and drag you down to hell; then you just know you will relapse.  


This is a common reality for addicts: craving grows stronger every time.  This is the reason why it is absolutely crucial that the addict willingly and courageously decides for himself to put an end to this self-destructive cycle.


I want to quit drugs, but I can´t


One of the most frustrating aspects of addiction is that the person suffering is unable to stop using drugs, or even to stop relapsing into a self-destructive behavior.


On the one hand, you desperately want to free yourself from the vicious circle of addiction, and on the other hand the only thing you want is to use drugs. In the end, you wind up feeling increasingly lonelier and more isolated, as well as ignored and rejected by people around you.  It is an extremely hard situation; only known by those who have experienced it.


It is natural you feel confused. It is natural you feel like that. There is nothing wrong or inappropriate with you. It is just that you lack the correct tools to cope with this situation, to regain your life´s purpose to be able to stop using, and to carry out and happy and fulfilling life in recovery. Millions of people have been able to do so. You can also do it, if you really want it. Just take that one first step.

A message of hope


Clinic Recal firmly believes in the unique and unrepeatable value of every human being. For this reason, we provide our knowledge and expertise in the field of prevention and treatment of addictions: for we treat people who suffer and for whom their loved ones suffer as well.


We know you are going through hell and we are determined to help you get out of it so you can live again in peace, in happiness and carry out a normal live with your loved ones.


Our message of hope is based on our many years proven expertise successfully treating people under the same circumstances than you. We know quitting drugs and compulsive behaviors is possible.

Our message to you is quite simple:

Capa 3.png

Take your first step 

Towards Recovery 

And we will be there 

By your side to help you. 

You shall never be alone.

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